Find 7 Differences - Expensive vs Cheap Custom Essay Writing Services

The online writing space is made up of two types of writing services. These are the expensive ones and the affordable ones like The expensive ones charge high rates for custom papers and students have to be prepared to pay the high fees if they want help with their assignments. The affordable companies, on the other hand, charge cheap rates for their papers, and students from all walks of life can get help with their “write my essay” requests. This, however, is not the only difference between these two services, and we will highlight some of them in this article.
1. Price
As mentioned earlier, this is the main difference between expensive and cheap essay writing services like The cheap writing companies don’t cost an arm and a leg while the expensive ones expect students to pay for every point they present in the papers. Students usually don’t have a lot of money, and forcing them to pay exorbitant fees is outright exploitation.

2. The Types of Writers
Expensive writing services always insist on experienced writers and this denies budding and young writers the opportunity to work with them. Cheap services like, on the other hand, are open to anyone as long as they can prove their worth. All they have to do is to send their essay samples for review, and once they are approved, they can start helping students with their assignments.

3. Expensive Companies Charge for Their Name
Famous writing companies charge students for association rather than for quality papers. These companies believe that their names are important and anyone who needs their services should, first of all, pay for their names. Affordable companies such as don’t charge for their names and as such, students can access quality writing services cheaply. Students can, therefore, save a lot of money when they choose a cheap writing company for their academic assignments.

4. Cheap Services Are Student-Oriented
Expensive writing services are obsessed with money and don’t care about their clients. If they did, they would not charge the exorbitant fees for their services. Cheap writing services care about the students and their services are tailored to ensure that the students are comfortable and well-catered for. Online writing services such as will handle corrections when students request them, and they will deliver the assignment fast when the students have short deadlines.

5. Cheap Services Are Committed to Research
The writers hired by cheap writing services such as may not be the most experienced, but they are committed individuals who will do their best so as to ensure that students get good grades when they submit their papers for review. Affordable writing services give the chance to newbies and qualified non-native speakers to work for them, but they must prove that they are committed and reliable writers. They must show that they can carry out extensive research on different topics and produce quality papers for the students.

6. Cheap Companies Want to Help
The writers hired by affordable services such as want to help while those from expensive companies are only after money. Writers from the expensive firms may, therefore, refuse to handle student’s corrections as it stands in their way of making more money.

7. Cheap Companies Deliver Great Content
The helpers from cheap essay services may not be native speakers but they compensate for this by delivering quality papers that are well researched and factual. Expensive services who only hire native speakers are usually not interested in enhancing their skills, and this affects the quality of their papers. 

Expensive writing services are not always the best when it comes to essay writing, and above are some of the reasons why that is the case.
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